The Delightful Diva's of Transformation

Ms. Maria, Creatrix/Owner of Face Art TGirl, has a lifetime of experience in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the scenes.  She decided a long time ago, that aside from entertaining, she not only loved the creative experience of makeup artistry, but Crossdressers are her favorite clients!  She and her staff are here for you, for your transformational experience, and to assure you that not only can you become a passable Femme Fatale, but you are loved and respected for exactly who you are, and choose to be!  Read more about her in the "A Bit About Us" page.  

Michelle is a professional actor and performer of Theatre, TV and Film, in both Male Mode, and quite a bit in her Femme Personna.


Crossdressing since she was a little girl, (as most CD's do) she is quite comfortable in a multitude of situations while dressed en femme, which include managing retail stores, hostessing special events at prestigious night clubs, and of course, escorting Face Art TGirl clientele while shopping, dining, enjoying Broadway Shows, as well as concerts at The NY Philharmonic.  This makes Michelle the ideal girl to escort you in public with confidence, as she can set many new girls at ease with themselves, and also be a great Gal Pal for the experienced CD, with her charming and fun loving femme personality.

It is wonderful to have Michelle as a part of our prestigious staff of experts as hostess and escort, assisting our girls on the path to their true feminine selves.


Cyndi Wheat, is an accomplished celebrity fashion stylist, who has been setting major trends, in the fashion, music, and television industry for over 10 years.  She has worked for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, dressing world famous Supermodels, styling covers for Women's Wear Daily, and fashion stylist/creative consultant for Colombia Records and Sony Music.  For many years she played a major role in American Pop at the world renowned MTV Networks, as fashion stylist/market editor, dictating/translating for major music icons.

Now, Face Art TGirl has the honor of her fabulous fashion sense and styling talents to adorn you, and transform you into a fashion plate extraordinaire.  There's so much more, but you can chat with her about her fascinating career during the dressing segment of your visit.  She's delightful, fun and a wonderful addition to our list of Diva's.  I call her Cyndi Sunshine!  You'll understand why when you meet her. 

Luana Michaels, a fabulous Costume Designer who sews and runs with scissors to get the job done AND plays well with others! Luana is another imperative addition to our team of highly skilled professionals.  Not only will she pull your look together, but for those with couture taste, who want to expresses themselves quite individually, she can and will create custom clothing just for you!  

So, when those important events, like Night of 1000 Gowns etc. come about, or just because you choose a unique style of your own, you can be the Bell of the Ball and/or a Fashion Plate with an exclusive Luana Michaels design!

With 10+ years experience worldwide, she keeps the entertainment world in stitches!  Broadway, TV, Film, Opera, Ballet, Cruise Lines and Rock Tours (she toured with Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones) just to name a few!  In addition she is a highly knowledgeable Historian Lecturer.  Ask her anything about costumes, and you will be delighted by the enlightening information she has for you.

Kitty Hok is a pole dancer who has years of experience walking and dancing in heels!  A certified pole dance instructor, she has been pole dancing since 2011, and has a rather extensive collection of heels she loves to wear (and walk in). As a fitness- and dance-oriented person, she is very conscious of movement and enjoys helping others build their confidence in and awareness of their bodies. Her favorite thing about teaching our clientele is helping others feel the same self-love and empowerment that she feels through movement. She is a positive spirit who brings supportive energy to every class she teaches!  She will have you walking on air!

Tara Lynn Steele originally from Marietta, GA grew up in a place where etiquette was essential. Besides being raised in a traditional southern home where manners and proper dining techniques were embedded in her daily life, she also attended classes in etiquette. Tara Lynn also competed in the Miss America system, and through this rigorous competition learned even more about how to present herself and put her best foot forward. From interview skills to which fork to use, Tara Lynn is a southern belle who now loves living in NYC.  

So when you are dining out with the "Delightful Diva's, you can be confident that your lady like dining etiquette will be noticed and admired by those around you.  

Carol Siwek, our Fashionista Photographer, has a great eye for beauty, which is in the eye of the beholder!  When you behold your portrait, you will not only be thrilled with the result, but also your modeling experience.  She is dedicated to her craft and to creating a photo shoot that will allow you to feel like a Vogue cover model.  All you do is smile for the camera, and we primp and pamper you with makeup, styling and photography.